Product description
Center of the Smart home system. Local intelligent control center, receive and communicate data, send command to home equipment for intelligent control.
1. Small and stylish design
2. The product is equipped with ARM 32-bit processor, which is fast and stable.
3. Small module inside, low power consumption, with 10/100m adaptive ethernet interface, convenient for users to embed into the existing product line.
4. The module integrates the TCP/IP protocol stack and encapsulates the protocol for communication with the server. The network function of the embedded device can be easily accomplished by remotely viewing data and control devices through the mobile terminal software.
5. Home application support no limited hub,one hub can be added muilti inteligent hardware, no quantity limited, no users limited
6. Inteligent working scene can be seted as requirement , convenient for users.
1. Working voltage: 5V
2. Operatiing temperature range: -40°C-8 – °C
3. Communication distance:150m(Open area)
4. APP control distance: Not limited with wifi
5. The Average operating current:160mA
6. RF frequency:300Mhz、315Mhz、330Mhz、433.92Mhz、868.35Mhz